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Public Relations can create a memorable impact on public awareness, and it carries more credibility than traditional advertising methods due to its non-paid editorial context. Indeed, the ability to obtain favorable press for a company is pure gold...Campbell created significant buzz across all major television and print media with the following stories:

March 2010: Business Editorial Profile in MPN's: Canandaigua, Irondequoit , Gates
Women Help Drive Success Across Nu-Look Collision Centers' Workplace

December 2009: WOKR Ch.13 'Bright Spot' News Coverage  
• RMH Food Drive
• Nu-Look Collision Needs Your Help to Promote Fall Harvest Food Drive to Benefit Ronald McDonald House

December 2009: Golisano Children's Hospital Gala Program Ad

August 2009: WROC / FOX News
Nu-Look Collision Centers Spreads DWI Awareness & Prevention
'I BLEW IT BOOTH' @ East End Fest

April 2009: Business Editorial Profile in The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Nu-Look Collision Centers is Helping Save the Environment with Water!

December 2008: WHEC News 10 NBC
Nu-Look Collision Employees Drive Truck Loads of Food
Collected for Foodlink to Help Out the Rochester Community

October 2008: RNEWS, editorial profile in Rochester Business Journal, and MPN Canandaigua
Nu-Look Collision Centers Celebrates New Canandaigua Center with Ribbon-Cutting Wine & Cheese . Vintage Cars Reception Saturday, Oct. 11, 1 - 3pm

Holiday Benevolence Program

Organizing Nu-Look Collision Center’s Holiday Benevolence Program to identify an individual / family in need of a vehicle, Campbell Communications coordinated the 2004 and 2005 Programs to help Nu-Look Collision Centers in their mission to give back to the community through their car repair business. 2004 and 2005 participants included Alternatives for Battered Women, Wilson Commencement Park, and The Blessed Sacrament Soup Kitchen and then ABW respectively.

Held at Nu-Look Collision Center’s Lehigh Station Road headquarters, the participants were presented with the refurbished cars as well as six months of insurance from a selected insurance provider. President Jeff DiFulvio and his team of body work specialists were on-hand at the Annual Holiday Benevolence Program presentation to help celebrate making the recipients’ lives a little brighter. Says DiFulvio, “It makes us feel good to see how it changes someone’s life, and gives that person the opportunity to better their life.”

The various media from broadcast and print were invited to the celebration event as well, with Campbell Communications’ public relations coordination netting 15 minutes total of newscast coverage on Fox News, Channel 13, and R-News. Additional media presence across the print media included a 2-page ‘Profile’ article in the Rochester Business Journal, as well as coverage in the Messenger Post Newspapers, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, and various community newspapers.

Additional Nu-Look Collision Centers PR Samples
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