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 Committing to a brand.

 What is a brand?

 It is simply all the perceptions and experiences that people have with your business.

 The brand defines and differentiates you.

The brand is what you look like, what you sound like, how you act. Brand personality is a fusion of many things – its name, its packaging, the style of its advertising, its price and the nature of the product / service itself.

Do not forget that there are non-visual elements of the brand.

 It is where instinct and marketing strategy intersect to create a plan that encompasses all that is known about and is relevant to the brand.

  • marketplace factors
  • company data
  • brand category developments
  • advertising data – competitive and non-competitive
  • media trends and opportunities

The plan maps all this into a long-term strategy which supports the brand image or ‘personality’. Campbell Communications can help your company to evaluate, define, and visually articulate its brand equity and essence. Your organization or service / product’s visual identity may include one or more of the following visual elements: symbolic imagery, stylistic treatment of name, color, typographic specifications and any other accessory visual elements designed to bring recognition and association. A tag line to reinforce brand positioning completes the functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits the brand provides.